Was Developing Japan’s Market Worth environmentally friendly Risks Dissertation

Was growing Japan's sector worth environmentally friendly risks? Today japan is one of the most developing countries of the world, but about 70 years ago, it was entirely bankrupt and destroyed. World War 2 was a devastation for the country, specially the nuclear blast disaster. They may have managed to restoration themselves, and turn very strong. They did that, by slowly and gradually producing stuff, using their very own raw materials to generate mostly automobiles using their war factories by ww2, transferring the products, importing even more materials using the money that they earned. But now the polluting of the environment level in japan is extreme. I would really prefer to argument if japan, making a whole lot industry upon so little land was a good option. In my opinion, the advantages for the japanese are:

A great economy,

Around the world respect,

More affordable products (the ones produced in japan)

Better trade income,

Bigger fees from Japanese's companies export/import of products, Better infrastructure.

And, the cons are:

Much less land to get food/farming,

Serious pollution concerns,

Prohibited going swimming in coastal areas,

Fewer space to get housing,

Severe overpopulation in main urban centers.

Also, there was some more serious problems brought on by pollution inside the 20 century, like asthmas and diseases. 4 of the extremely large kinds were: Term of disease Cause Resource Year 1 Minamata disease Mercury poisoning Chisso chemical substance factory 1932 - 1968 2 Niigata Minamata diseaseMercury poisoning ShЕЌwa Electrical Works1965 3 Yokkaichi AsthmaSulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxideAir air pollution in Yokkaichi1961 4 Itai-itai disease Cadmium poisoning Mining in Toyama Prefecture1912 My own opinion is the fact that that building so much production facilities in this sort of small location wasn't a good idea from the start, but for a country that grew up by a poor damaged nation, into an electronic empire of technological advance, the pollution...

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