U. S. Constitution Describe Essay


The Preamble

5. The preamble's purpose is to assure that the people are the power of the Cosmetic. The preamble also lets it be known to the people what the purposes of the Cosmetic are.

ARTICLE I. (Legislative Branch)

* Congress consists of United states senate and House of Representatives are awarded all the legal powers 5. Each condition has the directly to elect their residence of Associates for two years and two senates pertaining to six years. * Congress can make rules, punish a member and exude a member with the two third of the political election. * To pay the debts, intended for the common security and general Welfare for the United States, congress has the power to collect taxes, duties, imposts and exercise.

CONTENT II. (Executive Branch)

* This Article includes Term limits to be President plus the elections of the president * The director shall be the Commander in Chief from the Army and Navy of the United States. * How to handle it if Director is taken out of office whether it is death, impeachment or different reason.

ARTICLE II. (Judicial Branch)

* Supreme Court has the contencioso power of the us Government, and the judges will be assigned pertaining to the lifetime unless our elected representatives impeaches these people for conviction of a offense. * Contencioso power will probably be execute in each and every cases which can be controversies to the constitution states. * Conviction of treason should be only determined by two witnesses to the same over act prior to the court.

CONTENT IV. (Relations among the States)

2. No point out can disrespect another claims laws, documents, and legitimate decisions, except if the circumstances need otherwise. 5. One express does not have to enforce the same rules as another state. * All individuals are similar in every condition of the United States. People not be any fraud of claims.

ARTICLE Sixth is v. (Methods of Amendments)

* Changes can only be proposed by a two-thirds election of each congress or on the request of two-thirds with the states. * The ratifications of the amendments can be carried out by the legislatures of three-fourths with the sates or by arreters in three fourths with the sates. 2. Sates may not be denied equivalent representation inside the senate.

CONTENT VI. (National Supremacy)

* During the revolutionary Warfare and during three years of the confederation, our elected representatives borrowed lots of money. * This declares that the Us is still accountable for paying off the debt.

ARTICLE VII. (Ratification)

5. There were nine states that had been required to validate the Constitution. * The first was Delaware, and the ninth one was New Hampshire.


Change I. Practice of the flexibility of religion, conversation, assembly, and petition. The congress are not able to override.

Amendment II. People today belonging to the United States of America provides right to keep arm for his or her security.

Amendment III. Soldiers are not in order to stay in someone's house with no owner's permission even in the time war unless of course if it's prescribed by the legislation.

Amendment IV. Without a important reason and a search justify from courtroom, a person should be bothered by the law enforcement officials.

Amendment V. A person should not be put directly into jail unless a due procedure is done.

Modification VI. Any accused Person has a directly to have a legal professional and trial by a jury in the state where he fully commited the criminal offense.

Amendment VII. Trial by jury in civil instances that entail 20 dollars or more is usually protected by Amendment.

Change VIII. Recharging unreasonable money for bailing a found guilty person is prohibited.

Modification IX. The rights of the people, that happen to be not included in the constitution, really should not be denied.

Modification X. every single states has its power.

Modification XI. A state cannot be sued by its citizen, or by the another federal government, or a international state.

Variation XII. President should be selected by people, and if the president dies, then the...

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