Tolib Kayumov Essay


Promoting Election Campaigns Affects Arreters

Tolib Kayumov

Seda Vurgun

Izmir University

Author Note

This essay was prepared for ENG 104 Academic Reading and Writing Skills II, Section N, taught by Instructor SedaTürkyılmazVurgun Election Campaigns

Selection propaganda can be an integral part of the democratic method. 21 hundred years is a 100 years of information technology. Mass media became so common around the world. They are really TV, news papers, internet and etc. People use this interaction technology in advertisement, like a company advertising campaign its item to community and this work successfully. Politicians employ election ad in pre-election campaigns. Their aim is firstly to introduce themselves to electors, secondly to modify the electors voting choices. Election advertising election promotions affects arreters. (p several 1991) In new democracy have same interactions among campaign assets, camping style and camping impact. An authoritarian legacy creates for use the campaigners, in Hungarian elections confirmed much similarity in relevant aspects of this opportunity composition in 1994 and 1998. Partisans may use public television set in many post- authoritarian democracies country and there is often monopolistic control of tv broadcasts. New democracies are small-big countries or middle-low income countries hence federal government controlled electronic digital media can be the mass media many voters are exposed to. (2002, p58) This year's election Western Parliament spending just over €18, 000 on campaigning who a chance to successful. The difference in expenditure among winners and losers it was €60, 693, while it was only €14, 337 to get unsuccessful individuals. There is a solid positive relationship between spending and winning, when...

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