The Roaring Twenties Dissertation

Peyton Propst

Mister. Martin

Final Exam Essay

2 06 2015

Golden Age: Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties was amount of continual monetary prosperity and the distinguishing creative edge in cities during the 1920s through the United States. The first time in a while, Americans lived in cities, rather than on facilities. America was turned into a " consumer society” together with the Nation's total wealth a lot more than doubling between 1920 and 1929. There was clearly a rise in wages and real salary, easy credit rating and installment plan shopping for, and in mass advertisement. Punk and move rose in popularity, and the twenties are occasionally known as the Brighten Age because of all of the blues in Fresh Orleans and Memphis, with artists including Louie Armstrong and George Gershwin. The 1920's was a time of economical and ethnic prosperity which will helped the twenties turn into a Golden Age group throughout Usa history. The us and Canada became even more anti-immigration in viewpoint during this period. The American Immigration Action of 1924 limited migrants from countries where 2% of the total U. S i9000. population, per the 1890 census, not really counting African Americans, were immigrants as a result country. The substantial incursion of Europeans that had come to America through the first 2 decades of the 100 years slowed down. The 1920s helped bring new varieties of music in the typical American culture. Brighten became the most used form of music for the younger generation and the flapper culture. Famous jazz artists and vocalists from the 1920s include John Armstrong, David P. Johnson, and Msn Crosby. Forbidance made against the law the manufacture, import and sale of ale, wine and hard liquor, but it would not make drinking illegal. Americans' continued desire for alcohol underneath prohibition generated the surge of organized crime because exemplified simply by Al Capone. Speakeasies shot to popularity and abounding as the Prohibition years progressed and led to the rise of gangsters just like Lucky Luciano and Sam Maceo. They will commonly worked...

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