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The fall of Singapore occurred around the 15th of February 1942, when the Japanese people army captured 85, 000 Allied soldiers, including 12-15, 000 Australians, which became a significant minute in Aussie history, and being used to support the characteristics with the ANZAC story. The fall of Singapore not only impacted the troops in Singapore at the time, yet also impacted Australia and Britain in World War II by perhaps endangering Australia's safety. Most of the Allied troops that were captured during the show up of Singapore became prisoners of conflict, and experienced harsh circumstances, which have been accustomed to support the functions of the ANZAC legend. There were three death marches between January and June 1945, when the living through prisoners had been sent from Sandakan toward Ranau. The ill remedying of these remaining prisoners is used to support the characteristics in the ANZAC star. The fall of Singapore is a significant moment in Australian record, and the courage, resourcefulness, selflessness and ‘mateship' shown by Australian prisoners of war supports attributes of the ANZAC legend.

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The fall of Singapore is definitely the biggest armed forces defeat in British and Australian background. 80, 1000 Allied soldiers surrendered towards the Japanese armed service on the 15th of February 19421 when Japan bombarded Singapore. When the Japanese defeated the British Empire and had taken 80, 000 Allied troops prisoner1, it was a bigger surprise to the Western world than the initial Asian wipe out of a Western power in the Russo-Japanese warfare when Western defeated Russian federation in 1905. The construction from the naval base in Singapore in the 1920's ensured that Singapore was a symbol of British electrical power in South-East Asia. The British Empire was a superpower by 1091 to 1497, and included a large number of countries, which includes India and Australia, that were willing to guard the Empire, making the defeat of Britain in Singapore a significant minute in history. 60, 000 from the approximate 80, 000 surrendered Allied troops became criminals of warfare in the Malayan campaign1. The number of soldiers that became prisoners of war as a result of the fall of Singapore backed many qualities of the ANZAC legend, for example the famous characteristic of courage, which was portrayed through the volume of prisoners of war that risked their particular life in camps standing for what they believed in. Relating to incomplete statistics, more than 50, 1000 people in Singapore had been slaughtered when the Japanese bombarded on the 15th of Feb 19422. The quantity of people who perished as a result of late Singapore a new chance for the Japanese army to prove all their power. The western world would not believe that the Japanese were because strong as they were at this point, which ended in the fall of Singapore. The fall of Singapore was a significant moment in Australian record, as it improved the way that Australia noticed the Uk empire, and forced Australia to change their particular thoughts on their alliances.

The fall of Singapore was a significant moment in Aussie history, as Australia was left undefended from a great attack via Japan. Singapore was a main base to get Royal Navy's Far Eastern Fleet, and after Singapore was bombarded, it left Australia prone to an strike from the Japanese people. The Japanese included many problems throughout the land of Singapore, including the Alexandra Hospital Bataille, where 200 wounded people and staff were...