Rising Perscription Drug Prices Essay

Growing Prescription Drug Prices: Warranted or Unjustified?

U. S. citizens shell out the highest prescription drug rates in the world. This can be an injustice that must be remedied. The " U. T. forbids the import of prescription drugs by simply anyone besides the original U. S. producer, and even then only if the drugs meet all the approval requirements of the U. S. Fda (FDA)" (Barlett & Steele, 2004). Pharmaceutical drug rates are outrageously high in america because of the effect of advertising and marketing on client purchasing, the misleading transactions by pharmaceutic companies regarding the cost of research and development of new medications, the treatment of patent laws, the antiquated laws and regulations regarding importation of drugs, plus the influence in the greedy pharmaceutical companies' lobby on the Federal government. Prescription medication costs in the us are maniacally high, and consumers must have the option to save cash by purchasing prescribed drugs from reliable companies canada and the produced world.

Howard J. DeMonaco (2003), Leader of the Human Research Committee of Massachusetts General Clinic and manager at Harvard Health Magazines, predicts that prescription-drug costs will increase for a price of about 11 percent each year. He attributes the increase to suppliers raising rates, doctors recommending new and more expensive medications, and people acquiring more medicines than in earlier generations. Pharmaceutic companies protect the increase in prescription medicine costs. The increase in volume level spending by simply seniors may be explained since they require multiple prescriptions to keep up an active way of life (Clemente, 2004). Pfizer states " the purchase price increases of our medicines possess averaged in or below the rate of inflation within the past five years" (Clemente, 2004). However , a The New York Times document refutes these details. " A year ago, the medication industry increased prices by an average of four percent, two times the rate of inflation" (Connelly, 2003). Within a survey by Weiss Evaluations, Inc., twenty-three. 3 percent of participants cited high-priced marketing as a reason for increasing prescription drug costs (" Drug, " 2004). Customer advertising to get prescription drugs offers exploded for more than a decade, when the FDA relaxed its rules about pharmaceutical marketing. In 2000, drug firms spent regarding $10. some billion upon marketing, a rise of about of sixteen percent above the previous yr, according into a recent examine by consulting firm Scott-Levin (Banstetter, 2001). " The top-selling medication companies include enormous promoting budgets. Merck, for example , spent $160 million during 2000 promoting its anti-arthritis medication, Vioxx. That is more than PepsiCo spent advertising Pepsi, and even more than Anheuser-Busch spent endorsing Budweiser ale last year" (Banstetter, 2001). Advertising continues to be effective. " Prescription medication spending flower by nineteen percent, or $20. almost 8 billion, during 2000. Regarding 48 percent of that maximize came from the 50 many heavily marketed drugs" (Banstetter, 2001). The amount of prescriptions crafted for the most publicized drugs hopped almost 25 percent during 2000, compared to a greater of only four percent for all additional drugs (Banstetter, 2001). Research by the Nationwide Institute intended for Health Care Managing, a Washington, D. C. based medical research group, reported 80 percent of doctors received requests from patients for Celebrex, a heavily advertised arthritis medicine (Banstetter, 2001). " Full sales in the 50 most advertised medicines rose 32 percent last year, compared to 18 percent for a lot of other health professional prescribed drugs" (Banstetter, 2001). " The increase is pretty dramatic, " said Steven Findlay, the National Company for Healthcare Management's movie director of exploration. " In the 10, 000 or so drugs on the market, is actually this small level of 50 or so medications driving the spending upwards" (Banstetter, 2001). Pharmaceutical firms defend the high cost of prescribed drugs because of the cost of research and development. It will take...

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