rhetorical research eng 105 Essay

Jessica Banza

February 5. 2014

Eng. one zero five


Death of the Unattractive Article

Sitting down for his computer producing his argumentative essay about the death penalty, Kyle Gibson, the writer of " Death fees Repeal: You need to Use Capital Punishment within a Free Globe Image Credit: ilawyerblog. com” (Gibson, 2013), does a very good job saying his thought about the fatality penalty and why this individual thinks it should be enforced, although does not seem to be credible this. Although he could be very attractive to the people who are intended for the fatality penalty, he could have done a better job calling those who are resistant to the death penalty. It is important as a writer that he attracts his market in every way possible emotionally, statistically and credibly to convince his visitors into agreeing with his thoughts and opinions. Although Kyle Gibson will do a great job with Pathos, this individual could execute a better task with bringing out Logos and Ethos in the editorial. Through his composing it seems that Kyle Gibson is known as a middle aged American men; he graduated from University or college of Virginia, with a bachelors degree of Artistry in Economics. The way this individual writes great word choice is exceptional, and so readers is able to see that he could be well educated. Providing information on the location he was raised in, Alexandria, Virginia, it appears as though he is a part of the upper course. Giving this info about Gibson tells us that he is seriously not very reputable towards the subject matter of the loss of life penalty.

Through the article, Gibson focuses on the emotions that lie lurking behind the loss of life penalty. Gibson (2013) objectives families that have gone through the process of failing to have the death charges enforced on the murderer simply by saying " In many cases, capital punishment offers the only form of closure and a peace of mind since it disconnects the victim's colleagues from the murderer” (para. 5). He uses words such as " retributive” focusing the death penalty on honnete, and " penal” suggesting that the loss of life penalty may be the correct way to penalize criminals. Gibson...

References: Gibson, K. (2013, June 23). Polymic. in. d. Retrieved from http://policymic.com/articles/48937/death-penalty-repeal-it-s-necessary-to-use-capital-punishment-in-a-free-world

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