psychographic Dissertation

Psychographic Segmentation

-Income and occupation

We have established target to get customer that from their profits and are employees in the Kuching. The majority of people that live in Kuching city having the high- income mainly because work in big city as well as the employees occasionally running away time to get work only buying the fast food. Hashi hamburger is currently new sale for Malaysian, people may be need to make an effort the product to know how the style of the burger. The buck milk become targeted because it highly nutritional and great as medication. Although could be the price is very little expensive the city that have all their financial capability can buy the merchandise.

Social Category and life-style

The social category actually is divided into refer to get a group of people the individuals whose occupy same position in economic system of production. You will find five classes of the interpersonal class which can be upper class (elite), upper midsection class, reduced middle category, working category, and poor. Our targeted social category are via upper class (elite), upper middle class and lower midsection class. Upper class means that the owners of lands, stocks and you possess and other assets and the real estate from them individual. The upper middle section class of social category that stand for the scientific and technological knowledge that happen to be working because engineers, accountancy firm, lawyers, architects, university faculty, managers and directors of public and private organizations. They may have both substantial incomes and also high cultural prestige. The reduced middle school of the cultural class represent the people that work as clerical-administrative provide support for specialists, engage in data collection., record-keeping, bank tellers, sales and many other. So , from this level we can consider that several social class will have another type of lifestyle. The city with the excessive income can be spending whole lot money on holiday, shopping, and many other. This may impact our Hashi burger and camel dairy will be shopping for by the...

The Impact to train and Expansion in Workers Performance Dissertation