Polemic Income Sharing: XL Axiata stressing attitude Cuek OTT Composition

п»їPolemic Earnings Sharing: XL Axiata complaining attitude Cuek OTT Jakarta, Selular. ID - income sharing structure which heralded by ITRB (Indonesian Telecoms Regulatory Agency) between service providers Over The Top (OTT) and the user is supposed to be a glowing speck preliminary step continuity synergy.

Presently, the relationship among OTT with still a push-pull providers. On the one hand, operators need OTT as a purpose to use can be to use data access, which can be currently the owner, must still invest to produce a network with large investment. However, OTT require operators to get customers and access to providers, but this time OTT not present any B2B collaboration rewards to the user. Oftentimes, in the event the service is known as a bad OTT, who blamed first may be the operator, certainly not OTT worried. Revie Sylviana Goddess, VP Revenue Excitement and Preservation XL Axiata, assume OTT often very closed to make a business model that may be flexible and provides the benefits of co-operation B2B (business - to-business) for the operator. " Some OTT nothing features a unilateral procedure - consider it or perhaps leave it. These were not available to discuss business and adjust to the needs of each party and the mother nature of mutuality between the two sides, " complained Revie Selular. IDENTIFICATION team (09/01/2015). " Only some of OTT would open up and flexible attitude to discuss. Some feel that without needing to do effort with employees, service of OTT can still grow and great because of it, " he said. Revie added could be a scheme of mutual business model/win-win ideal portion of the contribution in the role and the cost paid for by every single party. Because it still feels, is still evident that the most powerful medium intended for customer buy OTT is usually through cooperation with the user, in which OTT will not be capable of run alone without access/network provided by the operator within a country. XL Axiata Jakarta Axis Capital Group REHABILITATION Telecom News

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