Overview of the Company-Air Canada Essay

Overview of the corporation

Air Canada is the major airline canada and the fifteenth largest commercial airline on the globe to day time (About Air flow Canada, 2012). Their hq are kept and positioned in Montreal, Quebec. They have 3 hubs during Canada, in Toronto (YYZ), Montreal (YUL and Vancouver (YVR). Surroundings Canada's key line of operate is providing modern aviation transportation service to customers, along with offering specialty rental services. They provide these solutions along with incorporating several subsidiaries to satisfy the requires of all buyers. These subsidiaries include; Surroundings Canada Jetz, Express, Getaways and Cargo. These subsidiaries are applied to meet the needs of numerous customers. Services include linking smaller towns with Surroundings Canada's home hub international airports and focus cities, providing to corporate and business clients and professional sports activities teams, valuables service, and providing holiday packages to several spots. (Corporate Account: Overview Drive 2012, 2012)


The plank of owners at Surroundings Canada includes eight people. These 8 persons are responsible for laying down the technique and general policy with the company. In addition they ensure that the principles of good governance are respectable, while acting as a guide solely with a concern intended for the pursuits of the company in relation to whole of its shareholders, the customers and staff. The boards consist of one CEO, Calin Rovinescu since April 1 2009 and 8 other company directors acting because independent administrators. (Board of Directors, 2012) Calvin Rovinescu

Chief Executing Officer

Coopted April you 2009 (Board of Owners, 2012)

Bernard Attali

Independent overseer

Director since November 2006

Member of the Governance and Corporate Matters Committee, member of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee, and member of the Nominating Committee. (Board of Owners, 2012)

Michael jordan M. Green

Impartial Director

Representative since March 2009

Within the Chair in the Audit, Fund and Risk Committee, Part of the Human Assets and Settlement Committee, Person in the Nominating Committee and Member of the Pension Committee. (Board of Directors, 2012)

Jean Marc Huot

Independent Director

Movie director since Might 2009

Person in the Governance and Corporate Concerns Committee, and Member of the Pension Committee. (Board of Directors, 2012) Pierre Marc Johnson

Self-employed Director

Director since Nov 2006

On the Chair from the Pension Panel, Member of the Governance and Corporate Matters Panel and Part of the Human Assets and Payment Committee. (Board of Owners, 2012)

Frederick B. Leonard

3rd party Director

Movie director since May possibly 2008

Person in the Review, Finance and Risk Committee, Member of the Human Resources and Compensation Panel and Person in the Pension check Committee. (Board of Company directors, 2012)

Vagn SГёrensen

Self-employed Director

Director seeing that November 06\

On the Chair of the Human Resources and Settlement Committee, Part of the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee and Part of the Monthly pension Committee. (Board of Company directors, 2012)

David I. Richardson

Independent Director

Director seeing that September 2005

On the Seat of the Nominating Committee as January 2008. (Board of Directors, 2012)

Roy L. Romanow

3rd party Director

Movie director since Feb 2010

Around the Chair with the Governance and company Matters Committee, and Part of the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee. (Board of Directors, 2012)


The Panel has five standing committees:

• The Audit, Financing and Risk Committee;

• The Monthly pension Committee;

• The Governance and Corporate Things Committee;

• The Human Resources and Reimbursement Committee; and

• The Nominating Panel. (Corporate Profile: Overview March 2012, 2012)

The five committees with the Board are composed of 3rd party directors. The roles and responsibilities of every committee will be set out in formal written charters. These types of charters are reviewed each year...

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