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Contemporary Film Analysis

The lady with the Monster Tattoo (2009)

Man som Hatar kvinnor-Men Who Hate Women

Vanita Lal

Mgmt 824 W01: Managing the Global Workforce

Dr . Maya Kroumova

Due: March 13th, 2013

The foreign film I chose for the film analysis individual report was a Swedish movie named The lady with the Dragon Tattoo (2009). This motion picture was about a journalist, Mikael Blomkvist and a young woman hacker, Lisbeth Salander who teamed up to search for a woman, Harriet Vanger who had been missing or dead within the past forty years. Film production company begins which has a scene through which an older person is crying at the receipt of framed flowers. This kind of man is usually described to become billionaire called Henrik Vanger, Harriet Vanger's uncle whom explains that Harriet disappeared from a household gathering on Children's Day time about forty years ago off of Vanger's property located Hedeby island near Hedestadt, several hours from Stockholm, Sweden. Although, the police reviews indicate the body was never discovered, her dad is confident that Harriet was murdered and that the great is a member of his very own " tightly made but dysfunctional” family. This kind of represented the majority of Swedish families as Laxa, sweden is a relationship-oriented society. Henrik hires Lisbeth and Mikael to further investigate the case. They soon set out to link Harriet's disappearance to a number of monstrous murders that had been committed which can be later connected to biblical pathways from the book of Leviticus. (Kuehl 1990) 30114 can be Leviticus one particular: 14 'If a in cui is the sinner's offering, the priest shall wring away its head, cleave its wings, and burn it upon the altar. ' 32016 can be Leviticus twenty: 16 'If a woman is with any beast, you shall destroy the woman plus the beast; their very own blood is usually upon all of them. ' 32018 is Leviticus 20: 18 'If a guy lies having a woman having her sickness, and unearths her nakedness, he made naked her fountain, and she has revealed the water fountain of her blood. ' 32027 is definitely Leviticus 20: 27 'A woman who is a medium or a sorceress...

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