My Child the Fan Essay

My Kid the Fan

Textual Examination

(Plot and Characters)

1 . Exposition (Presentation of facts):

p. 119, 1st passage:

Parvez is Ali's father.

Parvez can be searching for indications which will clarify why Ali has changed. Ali is becoming tidier, his space is nice and ordered.

2 . Problem (first problems, the situation turns into abnormal): l. 119, next paragraph:

Ali offers thrown important things away, he provides broken-up together with his girlfriend and stopped discussing with his friends. Parvez turns into worried.

3. Downturn:

1 . G. 119, t. 18: Parvez is scared of his boy.

2 . L. 120, m. 3: Parvez starts consuming.

3. L. 121, t. 6: Cabbies say Ali is an addict.

5. P. 123, l. 13: Parvez finds Ali praying.

5. S. 124, m. 24: Ali criticizes Parvez' drinking.

6. L. 125, m. 34: Ali thinks Parvez is ”too implicated in Western civilisation”. 7. L. 126, d. 10: Ali thinks the West is corrupted.

8. P. 126, l. 15. Ali is going to fight for ”the cause”.

being unfaithful. P. 128, l. 9: Parvez could not talk to Ali about his beliefs. Ali will not listen closely. 10. P. 130, l. 18: Ali disrespects Bettina who is his father's good friend and attempts to help him. 11. S. 130, d. 27: Bettina became offended and hopped out of the car in anger. 4. Climax: (Point smat highest tension): p. 131, l. a couple of: Parvez leg techinques Ali in anger and frustration, Ali does not react and Parvez keeps hitting him. 5. Denoument: (Resolution): p. 131, l. almost 8: Ali says ”So whoms the fan now”, their relationship is very broken, plus the ending is still open. 6th. +

7. Parvez

8. Bettina

9. Have fun , without injuring others

10. ”Life is for living! ”

11. Western culture

12. Generous mentality

13. -

13. Ali

15. Enjoyment is a ”bottomless pit”

16. Fight for ”the cause”

17. Muslim culture

18. Fundamentalism

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