Memorandum of Law -- Medical Malpractice Essay


TO: Someone in particular

FR: Patricia Oswalt

DA: Monday, Apr 01, 2013

RE: Martha Smith – auto accident / medical malpractice


Since requested, I use reviewed the important points of the above-captioned file, along with the applicable law and summarized same in this memorandum. Mrs. Mary Johnson suffered an accident to her right ankle in an automobile accident on 10/3/95. After surgery and months of rehabilitation, Mrs. Smith even now suffers daily. I have researched the facts with regards to a personal injury action against Paul Joseph, and a medical negligence action against the medical providers. Applicable Rules

Personal Injury

Statute of Limitation – 4 years from the particular date of the occurrence giving climb to the actions. Fla. Stat. §95. 11(3)(a)

Florida Automobile No-Fault Law – under this law, 80% of reasonable medical expenses increasing from accidental injuries sustained in an auto accident will be covered immediately by the injured parties insurance, no matter who is at fault. Additionally , 60% of any dropped wages happen to be covered, with regards to the individual limits. In order to record suit resistant to the " at fault” rider, it must be demonstrated that Mary suffered serious, sustained long lasting injury or perhaps significant scarring damage or disfigurement.

Medical Neglect

Statute of Limitations – 2 years from your date of the incident providing rise for the action took place or a couple of years from the time the event was or perhaps should have recently been discovered. Yet , no action shall be accepted more than some years after the date of the incident or occurrence giving rise towards the action. Fla. Stat. §95. 11(4)(b)

Specifications of Recovery – The presence of an injury will not create the presumption of medical negligence. It must be displayed, by a variety of data, that there were a breach of the current standard of professional proper care; that the damage was not in the reasonably not far off results with the medical care. Fla. Stat. §766. 102 Comparison Negligence

Fla. Stat. §768. 81 – Florida charte...

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