Essay about Memo and see of Getting together with Example


TO: Product sales RepresentativesFROM: The Manager

REF: TG PARTICULAR DATE: 23rd The spring 23, 2011

Prompt and Efficient Support

Please be informed that fast and effective service is key to a powerful business.

The clients you provide are the business' future and maintaining an excellent relationship with them is vital. A good marriage with customers can only end up being maintained through Prompt and Efficient Assistance.

Delivering, collecting and restoring machines immediately is vital for the survival of the company. Therefore , you will be reminded to behave promptly.

It is also critical that there always be proper conversation with clients if there is a problem.

We almost misplaced a client resulting from improper behaviour.



The TES Voluntary Carers Association, Manchester Division, Regular monthly meeting will be held about Tuesday, Mar 27 2011 at 9: 00 am in Room 803 on the 3rd floor from the Technical Impotence. Building Street Hews College, 252 Manchester Road Mandeville


1Call to Order


3Welcome/ Sorry

4Minutes of last Getting together with

5Matter arising from Minutes



(a)Director of Social and inter clubbing

(b)Treasurer's report

8New Business

9Any Other Business

10Date of subsequent Meeting


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