Essay regarding Eligibility Rules

Eligibility Rules

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Kind of $ measured




Concept Underlying Idea of " Need”

Named beneficiary Unit of Concern

The Salvation Army, Monterey Peninsula Corps

All salary

Almost all income

Support rehabilitate the homeless

Kids, and their households

The Housing Authority with the City of Oregon

All profits

All income

Provide shield for the homeless, and the families.


Membership and enrollment Rules

Just a few agencies will be, the Real estate Authority with the City of Are usually (HACLA), and the Salvation Army, Monterey Peninsula Corps (tsamonterey). " The Housing Specialist of the Associated with Los Angeles (HACLA) joined with nonprofit community-based companies and gov departments to create the Homeless System designed to support local homeless assistance approaches. ” (The Housing Power of the City Of Los Angeles Desolate Program 2012). Because of this they are mare like a government agency. Whereas, the Salvation Army is more of the private corporation. An membership rule pertaining to the Solution Army is all applicants to have children under 18 living with these people. HACLA does not require you to have got children, however , you do require a affiliate from one other non-profit organizations. Another crucial difference between two organizations would be the felony back ground check. The Solution Army identifies " anyone convicted of your felony, violent offence or perhaps sexual offence will not be acknowledged into the program. ” (tsamonterey, 2014). Although HACLA basically mentions that they can conduct a background check. The most important difference between the two is that the Salvation Army is very certain with their requirements. For example , they cannot accept anyone who is not rehearsing sobriety, at least been dry for a year, and requires resistant. They also require all children to be enrolled in school, although do not agree to home training as a kind of school. The HACLA will not mention sobriety as a part of all their eligibility guidelines. A likeness between equally agencies can be they the two provide solutions to help the participants achieve the ultimate aim of becoming independent, and retaining a permanent living situation. As well, both agencies mention that members must satisfy the low cash flow guidelines. Yet , HACLA says their job seekers have to satisfy the very low salary guidelines which can be listed as $28, 550 according to their link (1 person). Although, the Salvation Army has their own income requirements listed as low income. If we were to use the same profits limits listed by HACLA; the Salvation Military services applicants have the ability to make $46, 650 (1 person). That may be quite a big difference.


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