Essay regarding Malincho Circumstance

Malincho Case Study Evaluation

By: Faraz, Jadee and AmbreenProfessor: Tobar Byron

Subject: International Strategic Management (BMI703)

Date: 09/ 08/ 2014

Table of contents

Business summary

the Problem/Opportunity

the Organization's current mission, desired goals and strategies

the company's inside strengths and weakness (SWOT analysis) recommendation

Selected suggestion

Action Plan



Executive summary:

Kalin is a Bulgarian entrepreneur. He tried to establish a business by a scrape. This case is approximately a set up business and challenges arising out of the new business. Kalin were a great inexperience businessperson but his determination led him to success, starting with scares resources. Kalin a Bulgarian nationwide, started a new business like a fresh graduate student he have no savings. Using the his organization by obtaining loan from friends and family. Having been able to receive interest totally free loan. his target market was the Bulgarian community living in the newjersy. Initially he started by simply importing feta cheese. And after that he later on expanded his business by simply distributing to other towns and after one full year he started to expand his product line on which he was capable to make good profit. The Malincho case deals with Kalin who started a small business of adding cheese by his home country of Getaway, and providing it his fellow countrymen in the east coast of America. Kalin identified early on that there were a need with this kind of item in America. So he contacted a supplier in Getaway and decided to ship above cheese. This individual quickly raised funds to cover this through the help of close friends. There it was repackaged and sold at reduced rates. Shortly Kalin acquired established Malincho. com exactly where customers may place orders online through credit card transactions. Since many people of Bulgarian background weren't comfortable with on the net transactions, Kalin delivered goods first and asked for repayment upon delivery. He as well introduced more products in...

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