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Mike Brennan, in the article ‘Has Male Bashing Gone As well Far' refers to depicting men as unskilled, calling that " guy bashing”. He outlines a spat that it has gone too far, and this television can be promoting this idea simply by stereotyping males as such. This individual also argues the difference between women, men and folks, and finally that men are still predominately in charge of society. In the article Brennan refers to quite a few TV shows in order to convey his message and to try to persuade his target audience to agree with his thoughts and opinions. Brennan is actually a lifestyle commentator and writes in first person so he is speaking intended for himself. He expresses his opinions so that they can win sympathy from the target audience for the plight of the guy, whom he thinks has been treated unfairly. His designed audience can be males when he hopes they are going to join him in his arguments and start to stand up for themselves. This article may not convince women to support men as they diverse values and have been subjected to getting stereotyped because " fragile, submissive and incompetent” (303), but have was able to empower themselves, as he remarks. He will not attempt to offer any alternative points of view on the subject. Brennan uses the types of popular sitcoms where the guy is supposed to be a " blundering nitwit” or " an oafish grunting Neanderthal, as in Tim Allen's well-known caricature in the " typical” male” (303). He cites numerous types of TV ads and sitcoms in an effort to demonstrate his level. He states that this is happening because guys are convenient targets and they have their imperfections. He argues that women are always testing men and that the difference between a male and some guy is that " a guy is actually a caricature composed of the unfemale male characteristics: stubbornness, incapability to listen or plan ahead, a desire to show off, a desire for basic human functions etc” (304) Brennan points out that despite these kinds of flaws, girls still appreciate men. Finally Brennan argues that even though...

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