Essay about Freedom Now and Then

Independence Then & Now

I usually think what freedom can be. Does flexibility limit to the individual person or a country? Everyone wants freedom in their individual way; consequently the meaning of freedom likewise differs for each individual. Nevertheless some people think that we don't have freedom and are not self-employed.

Independence Then was going to fight for the country, guard our privileges, fight for rights. As the song " Vande Maataram” means " Long Live the Mom Land”, Every Indians target was to canton British India into new Independent India. Many Indians sacrificed their particular life to get our better tomorrow. They always considered our upcoming, so that we can be independent and not become a slave to someone who has occupied our motherland.

Liberty Now is to fight with the folks within our nation, against corruption, to end physical violence against ladies, fight against terrorist within just, who are supported by our politicians. Today, although India can be advancing with new Solutions, though many people are literate and women are remedied equally, we all still shortage freedom. a)We lack unanimity which there were when we fought for the Britishers. We want different says and want to be divided. b)We are active with only our lives and future but not bothered to help people who will be in trouble c)We don't battle against corruption

d)We no longer raise our voice upon against Physical violence with females e)We no longer choose a correct leader intended for our country

This makes us think all of us don't have flexibility in our country. If we settle-back and think, it was " Unity” which usually made an improvement to make the country impartial. So let us all become a member of hands and wake up the modern India with all the freedom we deserve and our new generations are worthy of.

" Combined we stand, divided we fall”

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