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Kine 198 Address Test Study Guide

All Kine198 Health lecture testing will be 40 questions, every question may be worth ½ stage each. Test format might be multiple decision, True/False, coordinating etc . Failure to bring a Scantron 882 and pad will result in college student forfeiting his or her right to take those test. You should come to class ready.

Chapter 1- Introduction to Personal Health and Fitness

Specify health and know the components of wellbeing

Define stress, eustress, and distress

Know stress management methods and how stress effects durability Know significance of Healthful people 2010

Chapter 2- Understanding Health-related Fitness

Understand the benefits of and the way to improve CV exercise and fitness Understand the benefits of buff fitness and signs of training to much. Know the risk factors pertaining to CV disease

Know the different facets that define aerobic exercise/anaerobic work out Know the FITT formula and necessary proportions to maintain/improve fitness amounts Define overburden, adaptation, and specificity

Determine muscular strength/ muscular stamina

Define overall flexibility and types of extending

Chapter 3- Lifestyle Options and Hypokinetic Conditions

Establish hypokinetic circumstances and how they may be managed

List and define CV disorders and risk factors for every

What is Weight problems? Causes, difficulties, etc .

Specify Cancer, that is at risk, preventive steps, types of cancers and treatment options Define osteoporosis, who may be at risk, preventive measures

Know causes and protective measures pertaining to Low Back Pain

Part 4- Nutrition

What are carbohydrates, proteins, body fat, vitamins, antioxidants. What is the function of each?

Know the suggested daily percentage for carbohydrates (simple and complex), fats (saturated, unsaturated), and necessary protein Differentiate among saturated and unsaturated fats, Give examples of each. Distinguish between simple and complex carbs. Give samples of each. Differentiate between water soluble and fat...

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