Essay regarding Intro to Hospitality

Produce a reflection about the video " front office first impression less than professional segment”

A front office agent grips office duties for a business or workplace. Front table agents greet visitors, answer phones, routine appointments and, in some instances, offer security. Since the front desk agent is often the first-person a visitor views, she must be professional, polite and able to provide the necessary assistance.

But in this video you can clearly see that the man is very less than professional in his presented job of being the front office of a lodge. He does many mistakes first thing is he utilize the visitor parking space next sloppy overall look 3rdand fourth improper uniform maintenance and transport and 22 even more unprofessional way overall 26 mistakes. Very well as far as I am aware in order to become a professional front disk they need to have strong customer service skills, as much of all their job comprises interacting with common people. They should be friendly and in a position of digesting information and accurately handling it on, just like when a visitor comes for an appointment with a excellent. Front workplace agents also must be competent note-takers and still have a firm understand of how to work with basic workplace equipment, such as computers plus the phone system.

You should definitely handling visitor inquiries, entrance desk real estate agents typically are in charge of for standard clerical responsibilities. They might type reports, record invoices, respond to emails, deal with incoming and outgoing mail, and run a check out. Front desk agents work on places including hotels, insurance and gov departments, and hostipal wards. For the most part, their particular duties modify on a daily basis, according to how much traffic enter the institution and what particular office tasks should be handled on the given day time. That is why it's important that front side desk real estate agents be able to multitask.