intership report Essay


1 . 1 Qualifications of the Examine

To supply well-versed post participants International Islamic University is definitely conducting BBA program with good reputation. Each of the professional degree needs practical knowledge of respective field of self-discipline to be fruitful. To finish BBA system also has a great internship, relating to the exchange of assumptive knowledge into the real life sensible situation. The main purpose of the preparation of the report is due to the partially fulfillment with the internship plan conducted by Department of Business Administration, IIUC. During the Internship Software, assigned to prepare a report about particular topic among some option which should be relevant to my practical understanding within few weeks tenor. To fulfillment with the internship system the record is came from entitled " A critical research of expense policy. ”

1 . 2 Objective of the Study

The main objective of this study should be to have some useful exposures that is helpful for my own career.

To own broad objective the following certain objectives has been attained:

To find out the settings of expenditure of financial institution

To assess the IRG model of the lender

To find out complications and to offer some suggestions to get over the problems.


1 . 3 Method

In order to accomplish this study, two causes of data and information have already been used:

1 . 3. one particular Primary info

Primary data were collected through discussions with the professionals & representatives of the AIBL, which has been presented in the statement.

1 ) 3. two Secondary data

Annual Survey of AIBL Bank Limited.

Shariah manual of Islami banking..

Various catalogs regarding general banking functions.

As well from the web web page.

1 ) 4 Restrictions

The study survey consists of handful of limitations:

►The report has been conducted in a limited period of time. ►The analyze is home financed.

►Only GEC part has been deemed for the study.

►The representatives of the business remain really busy through out the day. Thus in spite of their keen interest they did not have enough time to supervise and guide me personally. ► Bank's policy restricts disclosing several data and information to get obvious purpose, which could become very much beneficial.

An overview of AL- Arafah Islami Traditional bank Ltd

installment payments on your 1 About Al-Arafah Islami Bank(AIBL)

With the objective of achieving success in every area of your life here and hereafter following the way described by the O Quran and the path demonstrated by Rasul (SM) Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd began (registered) as a public limited company about 18 06 1995. The inaugural ceremony took place on 27 Sept. 2010 1995. The authorized capital of the Lender is TK. 5, 000. 00 million and the paid up capital is TK. 4, 677. 28 , 000, 000 as in 31. 12. 2010. Distinguished Islamic Scholars and pious businessmen in the country are the sponsors of the Bank. totally of paid out up capital is being possessed by local Shareholders. The equity with the bank stood at TK. 9, 647. 45 mil as on 31 Dec 2010, the manpower was 1711 and the number of shareholders was 49386. The Bank conducts its organization on the guidelines of Musaraka, Bai-muazzal, and hire order transactions given the green light by Bangladesh Lender. Naturally, it is modes and operations happen to be substantially unlike those of other conventional industrial Bank. There is also a Shariah authorities in the Banking companies who retains constant vigilance to ensure that the actions of the financial institution are staying conducted around the precepts of Islam. The...

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