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Venerable Dhammavuddho Thero

Namo Tassa Bhagavoto Arahato Detsamma Sambuddhassa


It has been more than 2500 years since the Buddha walked on this earth. Were fortunate that his teachings are still accessible to guide all of us. There is only one taeching in the Buddha, that is certainly found in the earliest Sutta-Vinaya. Within an 4. one hundred and eighty, the Buddha taught the truly great authorities. He advised that teachings which will conform to the earliest Sutta-Vinaya can be accepted while the teaching of the juggernaut; otherwise, they should be rejected. It is the duty of each good Buddhist to phut these teaching in to practice In AN six. 21, it really is evident the fact that Buddha meant the Sangha of monks to continue the pracctice in the Sutta-Vinaya in the original kind with very little change as is feasible: " So long, monks, as you shall not decree the undecreed, not repeal the decreed, not conform to the decreed training ( of values, concentration and wisdom ), so long may the monks be expected to prosper, to never decline The of Buddhist contries has shown tha Yoga declined once monks became lax, and neglected the Sutta-Vinaya. This resulted in put people dropping respect intended for monks. Alternatively, When monks practised the holy existence purely based on the Sutta-Vinaya, this generated much faith around the lay community and the faith flourished The lay community supports the monks inside their holy existence. Thus it is vital that the be familiar with monks' Vinaya to a certain extent because they play a crucial tole in helping monks to uphold their particular precepts A theravada monk has 277 precepts inside the Patimokkha whilst a Mahayana monk has basically the same precepts plus an additional slight section concerning deportment regarding a stupa, making it the overall of two hundred fifity precepts. A monks is usually bound by other publication of the Vinaya Pitaka A sammanera or perhaps novice monk is only bound by the five precepts. At present, a Theravada " nun” takes the eight precepts which would not forbid her to possess money, or in a few countries the ten precepts which prohibit the possession upon money THE EIGHT CLASSES OF PRECEPTS

The precepts of a monk are categorized innto 8-10 classes: (i) Parajika, (ii) Sanghadisesa, (iii) Aniyata, (iv) Nissaggiya pacittiya, (v) Pacittiya, (vi) Patidesaniya, (vii) Sekhiya, and (viii) Adhikarana-samatha These eight classes of guidelines are simply the same intended for Theravada and Mahayana, aside from Paccittiya and Sekhiya. A Theravada monk has 80 Paccittiya and 75 Sekhiya, while a Mahayana monk has 80 and 90 respectively Parajika and Sanghadisesa, the 1st two, fees heavy offences while the rest incur lumination offences redeemable by croyance to another monk. Only the more important rules with regards to lay persons will be described below Parajika

There are four Parajikas or rules of defeat. If the mink destroys any one of the rules he he can automatically ‘defeated' in the ay life and falls from monkhood right away. He is prohibited to become a monk again in the lifetime. Purpose is necessary in most these four cases as well constitute a great offence Guideline 1: prohibits sexual intercourse. Therefore in the Buhhda's religion the theory on a monk having a partner is quite unfamiliar Rule 2: forbids taking any target of great benefit, now frequently interpreted since approximately much more than US$20 Regulation 3: prohibits the killing of a human being

Rule 5: forbids inaccurately claiming the particular one has attained some supernormal attainment, i actually. e. jhana (meditative absorption), psychic electrical power, or one of many Ariyan levels of success Sanghadisesa

The thirteen Sanghadisesa here are rules entailing a formal meeting from the Sangha. In case the monk fails any regulation here he has to undergo a pariod of copie or willpower after which, in the event the shows him self to be consterne, he may be reinstated by a Sangha of not less than 20 monks Guideline 2: prohibits making physical contact with a female with lustful intention, it is because of this rule that a...

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