How the theme of conformity is usually explored in Peter Weir’s film ’Dead Poets Society’. Essay

One of the major themes/ideas explored inside the Dead Poets Society is that of freedom compared to conformity.

The theme of conformity is released in the incredibly opening displays of the film. Close-ups with the boys chanting in unison, every identically clothed in their starched uniforms at a service at Welton Academy, we see that they are contouring to the specialist of the university.

It is the new teacher Mister Keating whom, through his unorthodox strategies, encourages the boys to challenge this kind of authority, and break free from your traditional, old-fashioned ways of thinking that have been drilled into them at Welton Academy. This individual wants them to understand that there is more alive than obeying the purchases of others, and this way the film works with Weir's prevalent theme - also investigated in Experience and Gallipoli - the quest for personal freedom, plus the oppressing associated with society's establishments. He inspires them to " Maintain thoughts and values in the face of conformity. " Keating wants those to become " free-thinkers", yet he is in ways contradicting himself as he forces his personal beliefs and philosophy on to the impressionable students instead of letting them believe for themselves.

This theme of conformity is paralleled on a personal level in Neil's romance with his dad. Mr. Perry wants the best future for his kid, and therefore offers almost impossible anticipations of him. Neil, on the other hand, while constantly obedient to his father's wishes, wants to know more about himself. Acting was something that Neil discovered he was not only good at and loved, but was likewise in a sense a getaway from his present actuality as it allowed him to pretend to become someone else for some time.

Mr Keating's " carpe diem" (" seize the day" ) attitude inspired Neil to disobey his father's wishes by secretly starring in the school perform. Neil's demanding of his father's authority had destructive consequences, while after a specifically vehement confrontation with him, finally Neil came to believe...

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