Hmt Schooling Report Article



Six Months Industrial Training


HMT Ltd. Pinjore

(From 01 Jan., 2013 - 30 June, 2013)


Published to,

Mr. V. E. Grover

Published by,

Harshal R. Deshmukh

Sunil L. Bhalerao

Ambadas M. Chalge

Bipin D. Jadhao

Suraj V. Satao

Bhai Gurdas Inst. Of Engg. And Tech, Sangrur,

Dist: -Sangrur



Firstly, I wish to express my deep honor to all the concerned folks without in whose generous assistance and skill, it would have already been very difficult to have an effective training experience in the corporation. It would want to thank Mr. V. E. Grover for giving us a golden option of industrial teaching, which might help me to boost my specialized skill and helps me a lot besides some technical skills. I was extremely happy to the supervision of HMT, Pinjore pertaining to giving me an opportunity to pursue four weeks training in their very own reputed firm. This provides us a wonderful and learning knowledge for me to move through this teaching. Finally, I would really like to bless you all those acquaintances who assist out of intensifying my own technical know-how and provide adequate solutions to my own all inquiries.


|Sr. no . |Particulars |Page number | | | | | | | | | | | | | |3. |Training middle |9-10 | |4. |Foundry Mechanism |11-14 | |5. |Heavy Equipment Shop |15-17 | |6. |Light Equipment Shop |18-20 | |7. |Heat Treatment |21-22 | |8. |Engine Assembly and Testing |23-35 | |9. |Tractor Assemblage |36-38 | | | | | | | |


The country, India, is basically a great agricultural nation where a lot more than 65 % of inhabitants population, enough food must be produced. This kind of cannot be developed with our conventional bullock driven implements. So there was want felt to invent these kinds of machine which in turn speeds up the agricultural creation. Due to this reason the tractor was made. Before all of us start, you need to know how the phrase ‘tractor' is derived. Prior to 1900, the machine i. e. tractor is known as traction force machine (pulling machine). Following 1900, both the words became a member of by taking ‘tract' from traction and ‘tor' from engine calling ‘tractor'. The tractor is the machine which is used to get applying large traction. Inside our country, vehicles were started manufacturing in real perception after freedom and at present, we are self sufficient in appointment demand of country's requirements for vehicles. At present in India, you will find different tractor producing production facilities present just like Hindustan machine tools, Punjab tractors, Kirloskar tractors, and many others is immediately or...

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