Hamlet in comparison with Civil Disobedience Essay

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Mr. Dainty

AP English 11

13 March 2014

Hamlet -- To Be the Prince.. or To never Be the Prince

" It is essential, consequently , for a Prince who desires to take care of his position, to have

learned how you can be besides good and to use or not work with his benefits as necessity requires” (40

Prince). There are many thoughts about what a great leader could possibly be. In Hamlet, written by William

Shakespeare, there is a decrease of a great innovator who is changed by a not so great leader. Niccolo

Machiavelli's text, The Knight in shining armor, includes a list of traits that he thought a Prince should own. An

argument built is whether Claudius or Hamlet would make a much better Prince. Both these styles which, make use of

their particular power to try to make a much better good; however , Claudius uses his simply by murder and Hamlet

uses his to acquire revenge. Using the Machiavellian traits, you can inquire that Hamlet will

be considered a rightful Royal prince. Hamlet works in rewarding the features by being rspectable, having total

wisdom, and braveness along with strength. These kinds of make him fit to rule being a Prince above Claudius.

Machiavelli assumed a Knight in shining armor should own certain characteristics to be successful. This individual

thought that all every Knight in shining armor should seek to be merciful and not cruel or bad. However , he believed

that the end to a circumstance would justify the means. Even if it is just a bad situation, a Prince must do

what is had to keep his title. Be it being sensible about conflict or getting noble to get the cause

of others, a Prince will need to keep in mind to accomplish what is perfect for him wonderful Princedom. That is why

Machiavelli said that a Prince need to obtain knowledge. A wise Royal prince will know what to do in practically

every situation, and will be able to handle it. Even though a Prince may not possess every quality,

Machiavelli stated in his work, " it is many essential that he ought to seem to include them” (46


Claudius, who substituted the late King Hamlet, made everyone believe that he was a good...

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