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How Rational Are We?

Anuradha Chaudhary

Literal Knowledge:

The Article " How Sane Will be We? " by Anuradha Chaudhary is dependent on environmental trouble. Basically, your woman presents her ideas that human beings have already been too much irresponsible and unsociable to the preservation of the environment and the girl predicts that it will make their life quite difficult. She thinks that as a result of human not caring, rapid urbanization and industrialization, the environment gets heavily contaminated. Mainly the lady believes which the gases produced from the market, mishandling the harmful chemicals and the increased use of CFCs have considerably contributed for the damage of ozone layer that causes skin tumor, green house effect and other several epidemics. Similarly, people have recently been greatly struggling with other various natural calamities such as ton but still people don't seem concerned to the course of its preservation. Finally, she feels that if this continues, it can be impossible to stay life into it.


The written text being a item of a study of environment centers on the environmental problem. In this article, the text asserts the importance of environment in human existence and it ought to be preserved for the sake of continuity of human lifestyle. Presenting such ideas, the essayist is definitely appealing to every to preserve the surroundings.

Critical Considering:

So far the essay reveals the suggestions on environmental problems and issues, it is rather appreciative in this way that it alerts the people and makes them conscious for the conservation with the environment. But the essayist only concerns on the destruction and only destruction. She completely ignores the positive signs and steps carried out from this concern. Consequently she appears to be so part and full of biasness.


As I read this story, it has made me bring my focus towards the degraded environment of Kathmandu. Finding its state, it is true that we have genuinely been too much indifferent and irresponsible. Persons here in Katmandu are suffering from numerous environmental concerns, such as polluting of, water pollution, deficiency of open space and so on. As a result, life's receiving too much hard. Similarly, as a result of river pollution, the aquatic life is as well much damaged. If it proceeds, there will be also difficult to support life inside the days to come. So it has forced me for this for its improvement. A review by Anuradha Chaudhary on HOW sane are we?

In her argumentative document on the environment, " Just how Sane Are We? " Anuradha Chaudhary raises a central query about human nature: Are humans collectively rational or irrational? Her solution is: on the whole they take action in an illogical manner. The quotation by Rudyard Kipling at the beginning of the essay can make it clear that wehave did not maintain issues that our ancestors had carried out. By this faltering we havedoomed ourselves. Each of our stupidity is usually criminal. By simply unthingkingly postponing the most essential thing to get done, we have been too late in doing it therefore we have betrayed our ancestors and ruined our children. In Kipling's poem it is the dikes that were certainly not carefully maintained that mean disaster; in Chaudhary's dissertation it is the break down of the environment that intends our endurance. The assessment is exact. Chaudhary starts by saying her 8 years encounter in instructing environmental biology has made that clear with her that her students will be intelligent enough to understand the facts of ecology but they do not make contacts between ecology and politics. The problem with them, as she recognizes it, is they can " comprehend" things but fail to " assimilate" them. This is a sad failing in education and the lady feelshelpless regarding it. The reason for this kind of failing might be due to the simplified assumption of her students that people in responsible positions act responsibly and that they have intellectual ability to see points in their correct perspective and decide accordingly. The...

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