Glorious Trend Essay

Sophie Eady

H Block

Glorious Trend in the Groupe

The benefits following the Glorious Revolution of England highly influenced the New England colonies. Upon learning the events occurring in England, the American settlers staged their own revolution and rebellion against the monarchy. Though it was unsuccsefflull, their rebellions set the foundation of the American Revolution. When ever news that James 2 had been overthrown in England visited New Great britain, the colonists were enraged and strongly wished to overthrown their monarchy. Andros tendencies in strongly controlling New England infuriated the settlers since they were not able to have a claim on taxation and laws and regulations. On The spring 16, 1689, maddened by incorrectly hearing news of England, the Massachusetts settlers gathered a mob of citizens and soldiers to arrest Andros and his other dominion officials. Rebels likewise imprisoned members of the Chapel of Great britain and held all the males until they may be returned to England. Ma leaders in that case regained charge of their federal government, promising religious toleration and non-Puritan portrayal in the set up. Within a several months, starting in Boston and spreading to New York and Maryland, most colonies had overthrown the Dominion government. This further persuaded the English language authorities that best plan for the colonies might be salutary disregard. Meanwhile in Connecticut, the English govt officially announced the old Connecticut government standard but a rivalry within the colonist came about between individuals who supported the renewal from the old Connecticut charter and the ones who even now wanted to have an overabundance guidance via England. Like the other groupe, Virginia tremendously benefitted from the Glorious revolution in England. They will began to attract more response through the head government. In Maryland, the settlers revolted to bring back their original charter. Led by John Coode in 1689, the rebels were groups of Protestants genuinely believing in overthrowing their...

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