Euthanasia: the Controversy in the Right to Die Essay

Prof. Michael Verdadero

English 1213

14 January 2013

Euthanasia: The Controversy Over the Right to Die

Euthanasia has been one of many social problems that receive comprehensive media and judicial focus. It is sometimes considered when death can be near and no chance of recovery. Relating to Wilkinson and Treas, " The word euthanasia comes from the Ancient greek language word euthanatos, which means ‘good death'. That refers to deliberate ending of a life of somebody suffering from a terminal or incurable illness” (275). There have been tremendous controversy and debates over euthanasia and physician–assisted suicide, which usually focuses on the wish for control and impact over the manner and timing of fatality. The debates premise on one hand, the maintenance of dignity through the entire dying method and relief of extreme pain caused by terminal health issues. On the other hand, euthanasia is against the religious projet, moral, honest, and behaviour concerning the worth and which means of existence. But right now there many questions to be asked. Does it worth it to allow terminally ill persons lie in pain helplessly on the death bed? Or perhaps does keeping terminally unwell individuals surviving accurately displays respect and promotion of life and dignity? A large number of terminally ill people in developed countries now give instructions because of their end-of-life long before the illness eat deep in them, to ensure that their loved ones are not faced with producing difficult options on their behalf. The reasons for this consider will save the pain, enduring, the cost involved in keeping the terminally ill or perhaps dying aged persons with your life, and the ordeal of that they and their family may experience lying helplessly on the loss of life beds. As stated in the poem, " …What you may not want / is to lie in a medical center bed for any year as well as after stroke, without being capable of / think or die…” (Olds 16-19). According to Arthur Rifkin, " Very much suffering originates from unkind treatment, from insensitive care-givers, neglect from family and friends, and...

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