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Ender's Video game Journal Items

Chapter one particular: Question 2

Ender is actually a third, one third child, he could be monitored by the government and may think such as a adult, by way of example he could predict what would happen in the event that he did not beat up Stilson and went away. He is harassed daily both mentally and physically because he was obviously a third, no-one will be able to be familiar with humiliation Ender faces if you to really are a third., thus when it was really the battle with Stilson, he just wanted it to stop, although it means disregarding rules. All Ender wants is peacefulness, people have to understand, he achieved it as an act of self defense and he had to make a stand. Rules are meant to always be broken, place yourself in enders shoes and boots, I'm convinced everyone will do the same thing, we can't make it, its simple primitive human being instincts to outlive and protect ourself, regardless if it means disregarding social guidelines.

Chapter a couple of: Question 7

Dear Orson Scott Cards

In your book " Enders Game" I really believe the children are very adultish, its like you set adults available but they are just 6 years older. The children happen to be calcalative, serious and show each of the characteristics of your adult and can even think like an adult. Like in the case when Philip was demonstrating a eradicating intent to Valentines and Ender, threatening them just like adults do. Cards, is that just how children think, if it were then identity say we would have a whole lot of untamed uncontrollable kids in the world now. Don't you think that the characteristics, attitude and personalites are a little as well unrealistic for the children that fresh. Children, might not have killing intent when they are so now, sure they might get angry and maybe slightly older injure someone but is not when they are like 6 years aged, when I was 10 I could only consider school holidays and having a great time, I hardly ever had ambitions and dreams so far of in the future just like Peter

Essential I believe the complains from the people, I could see the viewpoint there are originating from.

Thank you for your...

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