Education Essay


Chapter a couple of



Presented in chapter two is a synthesis of research that facilitates the analysis of the attendance policy and

attendance system of Newport News General public Schools. Within the chapter is actually a historical summary of attendance, the

importance of presence, overview of Newport cigarettes News General public Schools, scholar theoretical absenteeism, framework, causes of or predictors of




policies/ applications, and an assessment perceptions and attitudes regarding attendance policies/programs as mentioned by books review.

Famous Overview

Early homesteading laws allowed the settlers cost-free land on which usually to build educational institutions. Schooling was perceived as the key

to success for individuals and the superiority of society (Mitchell, 1993). Free and compulsory education came to

Great britain and Wales following the Primary Education Acts of


1870 and 1876, while not always on a full time basis. Education Action of 1918 finally abolished half time


training, and made primary education completely free and compulsory 14th until the end of the term in after most the parts child's of the



United States the problem of illegal deficiency dates coming from 1876 (Galloway, 1985). In the 1850s downtown schools suffered from an extremely substantial turnover of students. A large number of students were

needed at your home to do a lot of the chores, particularly if they lived on a farmville farm. Other students worked beyond the home to Poor attendance was a difficulty to

support support the family.

educators and parents prior to school attendance became mandatory (Pallister, 1969). Pallister remarks that excitement

for education varied while using standards of the school; good schools quickly obtaining the support of parents, and

similarly poor schools, least in the sight of parents, quickly losing support. School facilitators were quickly faced with new concerns due to the fact in 1900 only 6 percent of Americans had a diploma or degree (Wise, 1994; Kay, 1991). It is crystal clear that

attendance rates various little among 1904 and 1938, apart from in 1920 when decrease average presence followed the social upheaval of the First World Warfare. Galloway observed that there is

little evidence that attendance rates over the last ten to twelve to fifteen years (1970-1985) differ very much from individuals earlier inside the century (Galloway, 1985). In spite of the increased


presence and the increased graduation prices over the last a century, education is comparatively the same. A glaring

sort of this is the discharge of pupils for farmville farm work in incredibly industrialized society. the reasons pertaining to excused Our culture has changed but they have not improved (Wise,


1994). College attendance was obviously a problem just before education started to be free and compulsory, and based on the researcher's experience and knowledge as a teacher, it has always been one from the time. The specialist notes that attendance figures can be There may be little facts that

construed in different ways.

school presence rates have got changed significantly throughout the 20th century.

Importance of Attendance

Government officials, teachers' groups, and individual parents all have got voiced their particular concerns over the need to

develop policies and practices to counteract the difficulties facing our nation's schools today like the dropout level, drug abuse, and declining education performance (Bernstein, 1990). teachers, Poor school attendance arouses strong thoughts in father and mother, members with the educational support

services, educational administrators, political figures, and learners. These strong feelings will be expressed in several and often









perspective (Galloway, 1985). The statistics related to school absenteeism are unbelievable. Each university day, two, 500, 000 students will be reported The dropout charge is predicted at 27...

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