Documentation Inclination of Level III  Clinical Trainers of the University of Perpetual Help System, Binan Composition

 University or college of Everlasting Help Program – Jonelta Sto Nino, Binan, Olvido


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Title: Documentation Preference of Level III – Scientific Instructors from the University of Perpetual Support System, Binan

Authors: Sablad, Jeremiah S.

Pulongbarit, Michellyn At the.

Sulit, Edberd A. in terms of

Tan, Jenelin R.

Tapay, Rose Ann G.

Vallejo, Ricamelle M.

Degree: Bachelors of Scientific research in Breastfeeding

School: College or university of Perpetual Help System, Binan

Academic Year: 2008-2009

Adviser: Va A. Jupiter, RN, PERSON

No . of Pages: eighty

Problem and its Antecedent

This kind of study was conducted to look for the Documentation Inclination of Level III – Clinical Trainers of School of Perpetual Help, Binan. More specifically, this study was executed to answer the next questions; what are the demographic profiles of the clinical instructors in terms of Age, Gender, 12 months Graduated by Bachelor of Science in Nursing System, Years of Clinical Experience, and Years of Educating Experience? Exactly what the records preferences of clinical instructors in terms of, Subjective Data, Goal Data, Evaluation of the Problem, Plan of Care, Concours and Evaluation. And finally, was there an important difference in the documentation desire of Level III Clinical Instructors when ever grouped according to account variables?

The researchers executed this thesis to eliminate the confusions brought on by different documents preferences and to avoid the problems it would cause. Moreover, the researchers University of Everlasting Help Program – Jonelta Sto Nino, Binan, Supresion


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aimed to develop a standard style of creating documentation unique to this university or college, to exhibit the competence and excellence with the University of Perpetual Help System, Binan in rendering high quality treatment in the nursing practice and globally proficient nursing education.


This study used a non-experimental descriptive correlation research design to test the relationship between the demographic profiles of clinical course instructors and their documents preference. A survey approach was applied to gather the self survey of the respondents with the use of customer survey.


The demographic profile in the Clinical Teachers shows that with the 41 participants, 15 or perhaps 36. 58% belonged to age group 30-40. There are 28 or 68. 29% of the 41 Clinical Course instructors who were girl. Twenty four or 58. 54% graduated from Bachelor of Science in Nursing System on the year 2000 and below. 24 or 54.99. 54% a new clinical experience of 5 years and less. 25 one or seventy five. 61% clarified that they just had teaching experience of five years and less.

In examining for very subjective data, the respondents recommended to include the chief complain of the person most, with weighted suggest of some. 76 with verbal presentation of " always”. In assessing intended for objective info, the respondents preferred assessing the patient coming from head-to-toe many with weighted mean of 4. sixty-eight, interpreted because " always”. In creating an analysis of the issue, the respondents preferred to publish using only NANDA approved medical diagnosis many with a measured mean of 4. 44 with mental interpretation of " often”. In formulating plan of care, the respondents recommended to ensure that the plan is genuine for the client's functions, and limitation if it is suggested, most possessing a weighted indicate of 4. 78 construed as " always”.

School of Never ending Help System – Jonelta Sto Nino, Binan, Supresion


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In formulating interventions, the participants preferred to add the client's response to intervention after every setup and to range from the time when the interventions was done most, both viewed as " often” having a weighted indicate of 5. 49. In...

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