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Macbeth Character Log Assignment Suggestions

Over the course of this kind of 3 week unit, you will have the opportunity to explore the nuances of Macbeth by placing yourself in the mindset of a character you could have selected. You will write a number of diary entries as if you had been this character, that means coming from his or her standpoint and produce an appropriate and creative cover. Requirements: 1 . You will be designated 6 entries, with the option of skipping one particular entry at any time. If you choose, you might do every 6 records and get up to ten features extra credit. 2 . All entries has to be at least a page extended, double-spaced. Know that some of the subject areas that you come up with will require even more length in order to give a full and reflective response, even though. 3. Items must be initial and of the own function. Plagiarism of any type will mean an F for this task. If you have any doubt as to what constitutes stealing subjects, please inquire me. 5. Entries has to be relatively free from spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. five. Design a cover/title site for you journal. It must indicate some part of the character and should Include drawings or images. 7. For each and every of the articles, you will pick through the following list of topics. Even though you must stay within the limitations of the actual text says about the smoothness, you are free to use your creativeness to inform you on these topics. If you wish, you can even illustrate your entries. You possibly will not repeat any topic. Particular Diary Matters: (Choose at least 5) 1 . Select a specific picture. How does the character feel that he/she contributes to this picture? What are his or her actions and why? As well, explain how your figure is associated with other personas on stage at this point. 2 . What is something surprising about your figure? Discuss this from his or her point of view. 3. What happened today in the your life of your character? some. Have the character write a letter to a different character. a few. Write down a quote out of your character and also have your personality...

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