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The cost of great intentions: " solidarity” in Bangladesh

The expense of good motives: " solidarity” in Bangladesh

Naila Kabeer 24 06 2004

How could the lives and circumstances of women garment workers in Bangladesh become improved? Naila Kabeer inquiries whether the workers themselves enjoy the campaigning procedure of Anita Roddick plus the National Labor Committee. Anita Roddick writes on openDemocracy with passionate anger about situations of women staff in the export garment sector based on testimonies of employees she met on her visit to Bangladesh. Her account is definitely supported by the United States-based National Labor Committee (NLC) which has been mixed up in country about this issue. Farida Khan, citing the World Traditional bank country representative in Bangladesh, offers a different sort of perspective around the garment industry's importance in the national economy and to Bangladeshi workers, the one which partly surfaces Anita Roddick's and the NLC's views. I have been engaged in research on different facets of sexuality equality in Bangladesh, including the economic, for quite some time now; Plus particularly considering how ladies themselves look at their selections and your life options. In contributing to this kind of discussion, Let me emphasise the problems that appear to me being especially important in assessing the experience of women dress workers in Bangladesh, and where the finest possibilities to get improvement within their conditions might lie. Bangladesh in modification Bangladesh, just like much of southern region Asia, is definitely a highly patriarchal region. There are stringent restrictions about women's capability to participate in the public domain – whether to earn an income, go to school, or perhaps take part in national politics. It remains one of the world's poorer countries, classified by the United Nations because among the forty -eight least-developed financial systems. However , Bangladesh is also having major sociable transformation. Lower income has been declining slowly but consistently over the past decade. The nation moved, following several years of military dic tatorship, to a fragile democracy in 1990. There have also been important positive changes in the area of gender equal rights, something which would not have been possible if Islamic fundamentalists had the kind of occurrence that Farida Khan implies. In this period, successive government authorities have enjoyed an active role in improving girls' educational prospects. The gender difference in educ ation continues to be eliminated in

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The cost of great intentions: " solidarity” in Bangladesh

main level and reduced in secondary level. A very energetic NGO sector, working mainly with girls from lesser households, features promoted self-employment opportunities for girls in the country through the supply of microcredit, as well as increased awareness of their very own rights. There have been a high decider turnout by simply women in recent countrywide and local polls – among 75% and 85% – and more and more women happen to be standing while candidates in local polls. Poverty is still a major problem in Bangladesh and many people still go starving. No amount of effort by NGOs can solve the condition of joblessness in a nation where, despite declining costs of populace growth, there are a million fresh entrants to the labour force each year.

instigation, and roped together by way of a legs just like cattle. Whether these are program or exceptional incidents in the market – and my own watch is that they aren't typical – they are without a doubt shocking and should be put to work. The legal courts in Bangladesh work little by little and imperfectly, but they may and should be created to work in the interests of justice. But also in making this point, we should also remember that these females are not " slaves” – however terrible their condition may seem to Anita A-rod. They are a grouping of workers who are used by their companies because of their interpersonal vulnerability and their limited alternatives, but they have got exercised considerable strength of will and independent firm in making...

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