Dialogue «Modern Attitude to Love and Marriage». Exploration Paper

Modern attitude to like and matrimony.

* Hello there, Lucy! Did you know Johnny and i also are getting married? * Oh, great! I do think it's about time. You may have been living jointly for…for…?? 5. For 6 years.

* Certainly, for 6 years already. Now i'm so completely happy for you, Dorothy! * And I'm and so happy intended for myself also!

2. And are you going to have a gorgeous wedding ceremony?

* No, Ashton and I are likely to register our marriage with the Registry Workplace. No wedding party, no veil and no bridesmaid. * I acquired it. Although how could you power Johnny to marry you? I know he's supporter of totally free love. * Yes, but since you've explained before we have been living intended for 6 years currently. He is utilized to my desires and Now i am used to his habits. Along with all he has steadied down. 2. It means that he's not such philanderer as just before, isn't he? * I'm not sure but I hope.

* Well, he could be from the ‘90s generation. And i believe it's the basis for all concerns. * However the same I am able to say about who you are and about me. We participate in this generation too. * Yes, nevertheless, you know that guys are more light-minded in relationships than girls. Moreover, they may be more keen to be disloyal. And talking about the ‘90s generation…well, My spouse and i reckon it is the most wrong and corrupt generation. * Partly you're right. Fidelity means practically nothing nowadays. Nevertheless at the same time you may have more flexibility. For example , love-making doesn't necessarily require marriage. * You do find it, it's better for men once again. You know nearly all men avoid need the wedlock at all; they are really completely happy to be cost-free and to have sexual intercourse with anybody. But women are more critical in relationships, that's why all of them still want to become married by simply thirty years. * Yes, you aren't right of course. But anyway there have been some advantages as a result of the sexual trend. For example you might have sex before marriage; I do believe it's a wonderful freedom for everyone. * Very well, it's undeniable. As for myself, so Now i am quite classical person. You already know I want...

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