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Volume one particular, Issue three or more (December, 2010)

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Doctor S. SUBADRA,

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In recent days India is seeing a change in consumerism. Industry is now mostly consumer rider. The focus can be shifting pertaining to product based marketing to need based marketing. Consumer is given many options to choose. Passenger car segment is no exception to this general tendency. An effective market communication is usually imperative for reaching the potential audience. So it is critical that we examine the consumer awareness and behavior of the car owners that may give us opinions on how marketing strategies can be worked well. Namakkal city in Tamil Nadu Express, which is in the southern element of India, includes a progressive and growing marketplace for autos. This straight down was selected for this examine. Pre-testing was done by a job interview schedule that was developed and administered to a convenient test of 25 car owners. A Simple Random sampling strategy was adopted in the examine to select the sample respondents. As the dimensions of the galaxy is restricted, the analysis has been executed on the respondents who are definitely the owners of all the segments of passenger cars. A total of 350 Interview schedules were ready and out of this, simply 327 interview schedules had been filled up and collected. Info were gathered through an interview schedule relating to perception in the respondents for the usage of cars. The following tools were used in testing the ideas and in the analysis in the data. Descriptive statistical tools such as Percentage, Mean, Median and Regular deviation have been completely used to describe the profiles of consumers, preferred product attributes and amount of satisfaction. ANOVA, t-Test and F-Test have been completely used to test the significant differences between the categories of respondents within their perception and satisfaction to get selected independent variables just like age, love-making and profits. Chi-Square test has been accustomed to test the association between consumer demographic characteristics and preferred product attributes and satisfaction. Multiple regression examination has been utilized to study the influence of income and lifestyle in overall pleasure level of the Sri Krishna International Exploration & Educational Consortium



Volume 1, Issue 3 (December, 2010)

ISSN 2229-4104

respondents. Correlation analysis has become used to set up the relationship between ‘the factors which motivated the purchase' and ‘the factors which will favoured the degree of satisfaction'. Component analysis is employed to identify the important thing factors responsible for the customers' purchase of cars and degree of satisfaction after purchase. Cluster analysis continues to be used to determine the consumers with related tastes and preferences regarding purchase of car. The study punches light about various features that the producers should pay attention to to attract the prospective buyers. This examine concludes that consumer conduct plays a huge role in promoting cars and there is more opportunity for comprehensive research in this field.


Individuals, in general, happen to be complex beings who often do not seem even to learn their own heads. It is hardly ever easy, and often impossible, to generalize about human behaviour. Each individual iis a remarkable product of heredity, environment and knowledge. Predicting this kind of a strange behavior of people can be described as difficult and complicated activity, filled with...

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Volume one particular, Issue 3 (December, 2010)

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