Baseline Task Plan Report Essay

Baseline Project Plan Statement

1 . 0Introduction

A. Project overview-

Project opportunity: We is going to contract annually with university or college to create wiring network of PCs in laboratory for individuals with 60 PCs and maintenance this during your five year. Justification: we want to make the interface among students and staff and between the learners themselves more easily and usefully. Recourse necessity: to make this network I need 60 computer system, cables and switches, server for the internet tables and chare. Schedules: we must finish this kind of network in 16 days and nights.

The problem: the information is difficult to transform between the staff in fact it is always repetitive when it will be use and many solutions (like computer printers, faxes ….. ) The environment: the college or university with college student and personnel have great experience in PCs and the network The Restrictions: can face us is a lab is really small to match 60 Computers and the spending budget is very less than the cost. W. Recommendation- planning process is to buying all thing to help make the network and built this in the research laboratory and finally is to test this kind of network and maybe to routine service it in the future, so I suggest to make a very professional network with 70 high speed pcs and with huge hard drive and with speed access to the Internet. 2 . 0System Description

A. Alternatives- to solve the situation I confront is to make a wiring network, wireless network, in order to share the information by e-mails or quickly with expensive memory B. System description: wiring network: is network build in lab for university with cables and switches that receive info from virtually any computer and maybe store this or transfer it to a new computer, or receive a ask for one of the appel and then do it. 3. 0Feasibility Assessment

A. Economical Analysis-


Year 1 through a few

1- Problem reduction.

2- Increased speed of activity.

3- Increase the planning and services

4- Cost decrease

5- Other6, 500

12-15, 000...

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