Art can be long, life is short. Composition

Art is long, life is short.

For years and years people have experienced enormous have to leave their very own trace in the world's record. Some of them adopted the line of least resistance – break down, on the contrary of people who created things, art. I would like to tackle the condition of skill and man life. To begin with I feel just like giving the meaning to the idea " art”. I think it is rather true that art is self-expression, the external outward exhibition of an internal state. It is quite hard to tell when the art begins, whether right now the idea appears, or in the time the initial physical effort to do it. What you need is always to feel that. Furthermore, artwork never halts its lifestyle. Tajmahal, performs of Leonardo and Bach are going about living and influencing their creators' descendants. Why does that happen? Coming from my point of view, feelings that are born underneath ‘pressure' of pieces of art are important in producing the system of world prospect and beliefs. This is why fine art may be named eternal. Human being lives, on the other hand, are too brief comparing towards the works of art. Moreover, one life is definitely not enough to cognize philosophy of life and art in all it manifestations. The only chance for human beings not to sink inside the depths of the past is to turn into a creator, inventor of artwork, so that to live in his individual works. For instance , contemporary culture knows tiny about Homer, his life style; however , his immortal " Odyssey” continues to be lauding to the skies its author, making him with your life after loss of life. Thinking over the above mentioned I may conclude that art is reflecting inner globe and special unique vision of outside universe, which is taking place living actually after its author's loss of life.

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