Solution To Sparring floor Jon Study Paper

1) Mat Jon Participation

First and foremost, Pad Jon since the owner of the petrol place must realize that he should certainly involve inside the operation from the station. Though he provides this mentality of did not want to invest too much time on the petrol place, at least he must stick to some sort of control system by monitoring the procedure rather than determining Jamel to manage everything. Therefore, a professional skepticism must always delivered by Pad Jon. He or she must not put too much trust in his nephew. This is due to the fact that Jamel could impose threat of perpetrating fraud when he has the power of control over the petrol place.

Alternatively, both Pad Jon and Jamel must understand the concept of agency relationship. This is due to the fact that, Mat Jon appointed Jamel to act in the behalf as an agent. The agency marriage also consists of the fact that Mat Jon had presented certain authority to Jamel for the purpose of functioning the petrol station. Therefore , Jamel must realize that his decision and action should always align together with the interest of Mat Jon. Conflict of interest must be avoided in order that goal convenance between both of them can be attained. 2) Hrm

Human capital could be regarded as an important characteristic in order to make certain the operation of the gasoline station may run effortlessly. Mat Jon must consider the principle of appealing to, developing and retaining human being capital. For the appealing to purpose, among the list of perspective which will not become overlook is usually attitude. Procedure personnel will certainly spend all their working several hours communicating and serving customers. Their very good attitude will probably be perceived by simply customers while an bringing in factor that could create a ripple effect of repeated buying patterns. Currently, the petrol place is suffering from exaggerate competition from Caltex and Petronas. Mat Jon may reduce their competitive advantage if he did not carefully require a corrective action as rivalry among rivals could be came to the conclusion as large. As an...

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