American Desire in Great Gatsby Composition

Jeffery Zou

Mrs. McCarthy

AP Language and Composition Period 6

10 March 2013

American Fantasy: The Idea that Pervades Society

The American fantasy is the longing of accomplishment that means a cheerful family and equivalent opportunity to move from rags to riches, through work. This idea is field in a lots of places. On the picture by Margaret White, the poster proclaims: Planet's Highest Regular of Living-There is no way like the American Way”. Or the headline in the newspaper story is " The American Dream, the subtitle does Well by Doing Good. ” Examples of the American fantasy are practically invisible when looking at average Americans. In the image, there are hungry people having buckets. non-e of them are light and non-e of them look remotely happy in front of the camera. This reveals how certainly not everyone can live the American Dream particularly if they are scarcely getting by simply. Immigrants also failed to reach the American dream for reasons like not being able of talking English and lack of methods. Having a cheerful family is difficult either. There is lots of conflict at home within the dinner table with out time for American adults to acquire fun once they have children. It is impractical to expect entertaining when there exists housework, charges to pay out, and more. Although it sounds good, it is a adverse force within our society because it is just also good being true. The American fantasy means equal opportunity to move from rags to souple. Sometimes, aggression may be required to get this " equal opportunity” due to situation. " During the time, most the southern area of blacks could not share a water fountain, a seashore, a bus seat, a school room, or possibly a voting presentation area with southern whites. ” (Moser, and Watters) This kind of barrier to civil rights meant that various were regarded as inferior and may not be successful because they were separate from your average American. This demonstrates the American dream is usually unrealistic for blacks. Langston Hughes claims how America should be a terrain " exactly where Liberty is usually crowned without having false patriotic wreath, But...

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