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Amazon Interview | Arranged 1

August 24, 2012

Please get the details of my amazon interviews under.

Date of Interviews:  22nd August 2012

No of Rounds:  1 Written + 4 PI

Type of Interviews:  Campus Interview for freshers

Written Test out (Time): 90 Minutes

20 Objective Questions: Aptitude and basic C objective concerns. 2 Very subjective Questions:

We.                 To locate if there is any kind of root to leaf path with particular sum in a binary tree. II.                Some question depending on sorting.

Interview Round 1(60-70 Minutes):

Technical Interview

Problem 1:  Check if a persona link list is palindrome or not. Question a couple of:  A fixed array has been rotated l times left. Find l in least possible period. Question 3:  Clone a singly link list in whose nodes consist of, apart from next pointers, extra pointer to the random client. The unique pointer of your node D could be after N, ahead of N or the node N itself. �

Interview Round 2(50-60 Minutes):

Technical Interview

Question one particular:  There can be described as big file of words and phrases which is effectively changing. We could continuously adding some words and phrases into it. How would you keep an eye on top 10 well-known words at each moment? Question 2:  Write code pertaining to minHeapify() procedure.

Question a few:  Design a data structure to get the following functions: I.                 Enqueue

II.                Dequeue

III.               Delete a given number(if it is within the queue, else carry out nothing) IV.              � isNumberPresent

All these businesses should take O(1) time.

Issue 4:  Write a function that returns the size of the longest leaf-to-leaf path in a binary tree.

Interview Round 3(60-70 Minutes):

Technological Interview

Question 1:  There is a binary tree of size In. All nodes are designated between 1-N(inclusive). There is a N*N integer matrix Arr[N][N], most elements are initialized to zero. Therefore for all the nodes A and B, put Arr[A][B] = you if A is an ancestral of M (NOT just instant ancestor). Query 2:  Find an element within a sorted...

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