A Place Where Sea Recalls - Short Essay

In A Place Where the Ocean Remembers, Sandra Benitez attracts us right into a mesmerizing universe filled with take pleasure in, anger, tragedy and hope. This wealthy and bewitching story is a bittersweet portrait of the people in Santiago, a Philippine village by the sea. Every character encounters a turmoil that influences the course of his or her existence. The character types in this turmoil are Remedios, la curandera of the little town who have listens to people's testimonies and gives all of them advice, Marta, a sixteen year old adolescent girl, who had been raped to become pregnant. Chayo is Marta's big sister and Anuario is Chayo's husband. Justo Flores, his conflict is usually person versus self. One of the important clashes in this story is person vs . person, then person vs . great followed by person vs . home.

Marta was raped for a young grow older, so the girl wants to offer an abortion. Since she covers it, Almanaque, her close friend in-law claims her that he and Chayo could take care of her baby if he is born, pertaining to he continues to be promoted for the salad machine in town. Nevertheless everything adjustments when Chayo and Anuario are blessed with children that they believed they would not have. Since Chayo is about to get a baby of her own, she refuses to take care of Marta's baby. Marta's dream is to go to El Paso. She goes to see Calendario and she discovers that her own sister did not wish to consider care of her child since she is having one of her own. So that is when the conflict person vs . person begins among Marta and Chayo. The moment Chayo finds out about her sister's unfaithfulness they do not speak for years. You will discover hard feelings going on together throughout the account.

Marta has a second conflict, person vs . unnatural. Marta would go to see Eliminacion, la Curandera, to help her with her problem. Eliminacion knows what happened to Marta even before she speaks. Your woman knows that your woman was raped on the beach front against her will. When Marta explains to her about her issue and asks if the lady could help her Remedios refuses. Marta, disappointed about her...

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