A Meaningful Evaluation of kid Labor in the Philippines inside the Perspective of Immanuel Kant Essay

A Moral Analysis of Child Labor in the Israel in the Point of view of Immanuel Kant's Second Formulation of Categorical Imperative- Formula of End Itself


Youngsters are the prime movers of the region. They are a lot endowed with the much potentialities in which may contribute pertaining to the betterment of the many. They are really indeed vital in everyones life not merely of their own family members but as well of their many other human people. Every person such as child has to be respected and valued in virtue of his/her being a human person. Thus, kids must and necessarily be treasured by simply valuing their particular dignity as human people capable of rationalizing for the betterment of the future. Yet , in the Korea; most of the kids in the past as well as until now are being exploited in many other ways. Every kid in this country is somehow is in the point out of danger because the kid may be mistreated at anytime, everywhere, and of any individual. Evidently, Korea is a fresh country with which most of the people are composed of youth and/or children. By this, Philippines is very susceptible to any forms of child exploitation. Similarly, probably the most evident kinds of child exploitation in the Thailand is the kid labor. Child labor can be prevalent in the Philippine world. It should be noted that children are abused by driving them to uncovered labor by their incredibly young age. They may be supposed to be in the classroom to learn and be educated yet because of child labor they may be seen in many places attempting to earn a living. Because of child labor, it is seemingly that children at their very own very young age are dehumanized. Their own natural dignity have been taken away from their store and thus makes children since objects of exploitation. Furthermore, the researcher has decided to conduct research on this matter to find out the fact of this phenomenon. The specialist wants to assess the morality of child labor in the Philippines and also to see its moral effects to other moral agents. Through the help of Immanuel Kant's moral concept, the researcher could find philosophical and moral foundation child labor. The beliefs of Margen particularly his Categorical Imperative and that second formulation- Formula of end itself- will be applied inside the subject matter. Library research, internet surfing, periodicals, and other resources related to the research will be used to achieve the main aims. By this, the study is dependable and significant in characteristics. The hypostasis of the study focuses on the kid labor inside the Philippines.


The Particular Imperative

Immanuel Kant's categorical essential clearly says that " act only on that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law” (Kant, 1964, p. 88). By this very definition of particular imperative, Margen contends that morality involves universality and necessity. That is, morality needs to be applicable to all, and the actions must and necessarily be done. Kant differentiates between two imperatives- categorical and theoretical. The latter pertaining to Kant cannot be the standard of morality mainly because it only pertains to some and therefore cannot be universalized. It comes to mans selfish inclination since it is only a " necessary as a way to the achievement of another thing that one wills” (Kant, 1964, p. 82) and therefore this kind of cannot be approved. On the one hand, specific imperative derive from realistic inclination in which in purpose is that making the categorical imperative common. For Kant, categorical very important is based on individual reason as it must be " entirely von vornherein, since right here we do not benefit from the advantage of having its reality given in experience and so if becoming obliged simply to explain, rather than to establish, its possibility” (Kant, 1964, g. 87). This kind of, however , does not mean that Margen totally turned down the consequence of any action to determine whether the action is morally right or wrong although he only...

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