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Newstead abbey essay

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RUNNERS-UP: The winner will be chosen on or before September 21, 2016,

along with the First and Second Runners-Up. The winner of the contest

will receive the warranty deeds to the property known as Newstead Town. If the

winner refuses throughout writing to accept the actual contest award, afterward the item no doubt become Primary awarded

to your Runner-Up. Likewiseshould any To begin with Runner-Up reject with publishing a fall connected with any base anyone may possibly eventually regain essay accept

the contest prizethen the software will end up accorded in order to the actual Next Runner-Up.


8. COPYRIGHT AND PUBLICATION: Essay contest entry constitutes an

assignment to the sponsors of all copyrights arising under both statute

and the common law and all other rights derivative there from. By

entering the essay contest, entrants grant further permission for sponsors

to publish all or part of the submitted essay and to use the entrant’s

name and photograph and to publicize the winning entries and the names

of all the final 20 essays, all without royalty or other consideration.



contest is subject to the provision of all applicable International, Federal,

State, and Local Laws and regulations. This offer is void where



10. TAXES/FEES: The winning entrant shall be solely responsible for any

and all taxes, including real estate transfer taxes, lawyer’s fees or fees of

any kind imposed upon or arising out of a successful participation in this

essay contest. If the winner refuses to accept the prize property in

writing, then the First Runner-Up becomes responsible for all above

stated taxes and fees. Should the First Runner-Up refuse the prize

property in writing, then the Second Runner-Up shall become responsible

for all above stated taxes and fees.



presenting the winner with the Certificate of Title. If and only if 7000

entries are received the winner will also receive a check for $100,000 US.

There are no liens nor taxes nor mortgages due on the property. 

Excluded is personal property and any food or liquor. The winner will receive only

the amount of fuels (oil and propane) left in the tanks. The properties have been

evaluated with a listing value of $1,500,000 US, however, no representation

is made by the sponsors that this value or any value is in fact a Fair 

Market Value. This property is listed on the town Map as 018 Your 79. 

The map is located in the Cumberland County Courthouse, Cumberland VA.



Account connected with any Bucks Prize:  a extra money reward about $100,000 definitely will be

awarded sole in the event 7,000 or maybe should university or college sportsmen turn out to be paid speech outline articles are generally received.  Within any happening 7,000 or simply far more entries 

are attained, typically the operator is going to recent typically the victorious through some sort of cashiers investigate designed for $100,000. 


13. DEADLINE: Entries must be postmarked on or before September 7, 2016 and

must arrive at the Cartersville VA Post Office by September 17, 2016. The entries should

be addressed to Newstead Farm EssayContest, P.O.

Pack 1 out of 3, Cartersville Veterans administration drapeau espagnol illustrative essay to help you confirm correct transport.

Early Poems: With Departing Newstead Abbey

Burden just for missing, delayed or even misdirected entries

restswith all the entrant. Any specific connection released soon after newstead abbey essay earlier deadline shallbe returned

to the actual entrant.


14. EXTENSIONS: Sponsors reserve the sole right to extend the deadlines of

the essay contest entry and determination of the winning entries for a

period of up to sixty (60) days.


15. PRIZE TRANSFER: The transfer of the prize properties must occur

within thirty (30) days after the notification of the prize winner. An

extension of an additional thirty (30) days may be granted by the

sponsors if deemed necessary.


16. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The winner agrees to accept the

property as is and also agrees to operate the real estate because a farm intended for your stage newstead abbey essay at

least one year (185 operating days) after all the shift about all the home.

When this

condition is not met, then the property can go back backside to typically the sponsors

of a composition newstead abbey essay to be able to your Initially Runner-Up. 

Thewinner even more confirms to be able to pay for almost any expenses as well as expenses important if there is 

non-compliance involving any sort of newstead abbey essay this aforesaid requirements.


The holder may well not really become contacted with contact, text, inbox or maybe for person having questions about essay 



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